The Professional Association of
Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists


A national association committed to ensuring that every Canadian has access to clinically excellent, professional, compassionate, and trustworthy counselling and psychotherapy services. 

Whether you’re looking for a Christian Counsellor, Psychotherapist, or are a clinician seeking professional connection, accountability or professional liability insurance, we are here to assist you. 


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PACCP offers a database of clinicians across Canada who practice counselling or psychotherapy in various jobs, private practice and ministries. 

You can search our directory for a qualified, Christian professional in your city or surrounding area. 

We’re here to help in any way we can.

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Membership with PACCP includes valuable connections professionally and ensure accountability through peer support and supervision practices.  Our members work in a wide range of vocations from private practice, social work, chaplaincy, and many other associated professions. 

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Membership Benefit and Value

Membership in a professional association provides opportunities to support and be actively involved in shaping the Christian Counselling and Psychotherapy field within Canada. Through peer mentorships, formal supervisor connection, serving opportunities within the local branch, our national committee, or various other working groups, and the development of national strategies, members can be a shaping force within the Canadian landscape. Professional service within PACCP not only shapes our organization as an association but helps to serve the clinician in professional recognition.

There are many benefits to maintaining association membership for practitioners to consider, and it may be required for a practitioner’s employment or other purposes. Associations offer services to practitioners that are not a part of a college’s mandate (such as continuing education and insurance). The role of associations includes promoting excellence in practice, advocating for the profession, and providing education and certification in particular modalities. 

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Levels of Membership

Insured membership begins at the entry level of Associate Professional Counsellor (APC), and then completion of post-graduate Certification hours.

A Certified member will meet the requirements of additional post-graduate supervision, experience in client contact, and where applicable, falls into line with provincial regulatory requirements.

There are three levels of Non-Insured membership which are Allied Professional, Student, and Affiliate.

Certified Professional Counsellor Supervisor (CPCS)

A fully certified PACCP counsellor who has met all the requirements necessary to supervise other counsellors seeking certification.

Certified Professional Counsellor (CPC)

A fully certified PACCP counsellor.

Associate Professional Counsellor (APC)

This is an entry level membership for insured practising counsellors and is the first step in becoming a certified member.

Allied-Professional Member (Non Insured)

Christian clinicians from other professions such as Music or Art Therapists, Social Workers, Guidance Counsellors, Addictions Counsellors, Pastoral Care providers, etc. who are certified with their particular professional association, and who support PACCP’s mission and vision and agree to the Statement of Beliefs. An Allied-Professional member must prove that they carry adequate liability insurance and would not have voting privileges.

Student Member (Insured and Non Insured)

A student enrolled in an accredited graduate degree in a mental health discipline. Both insured and non-insured categories are available within Student membership.

Affiliate Member (Non Insured)

An Individual or Association not eligible for any other type of membership/accreditation but who has an interest in counselling. They support PACCP’s vision and mission and agree to the organizational Statement of Beliefs. This is a non-voting, non-insured membership type.

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