Mission, Vision, and Values

The Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists is a national association of professional clinicians in Canada whose Vision is that we are committed to being Canada’s premier Christian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, ensuring that every Canadian has access to clinically excellent, professional, compassionate, and trustworthy Christian counseling and psychotherapy.

Our Mission is to:

  • Seek God’s leading and guidance on all matters pertaining to the direction of the association.
  • Provide our members an opportunity to develop Professionally, Clinically, Personally, and Spiritually.
  • Profile the availability of clinically excellent Christian counseling and psychotherapy services in Canada.
  • Continually promote and maintain the highest professional practice standards.
  • Raise the awareness of mental health issues in Canada, and how these issues can be addressed through the varied services offered by our membership.


  • Humility:
    • Expressing dependency upon God and seeking his direction
    • A relational posture as we meet with clients whom we serve
  • Clinical Excellence: A membership that seeks to have the highest professional practice standards in the industry
  • Integrity: Presenting a Christ-like character at all times
  • Access: Ensuring all Canadian have access to Christian Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Openness: The receptivity to new directions and opportunities

PACCP provides a forum for Christian professionals to unite in providing professional identity, support, and public accountability for the profession.  PACCP promotes the development of the practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy in Canada and represents the profession and who we are to the community and government while respecting the diversity of approaches within the profession.

Functionally, PACCP certifies its members in order to maintain the highest possible level of care within the field. The Association also seeks to support and strengthen its members in their vocation of Christian counseling.  We are committed to excellence in professionalism, competence, respect for clients, a faith perspective, continuing education, and ethical conduct in all we do and defines who we are as clinicians.