Levels of Membership

Certified (Insured)

A Certified Member is an insured member who shows additional post-graduate supervision, experience in client contact, and falls into line with provincial regulatory requirements as much as possible.

There are three categories of certified membership with one being an entry level to certified status:

  1. Certified Professional Counsellor Supervisor (CPCS):  A fully certified PACCP counsellor who has met all the requirements necessary to supervise other counsellors seeking certification.
  2. Certified Professional Counsellor (CPC):  A fully certified PACCP counsellor.
  3. Associate Professional Counsellor (APC):  This is an entry level membership for insured practising counsellors and is the first step in becoming a certified member.

Member (Non Insured/Insured)

  1. Allied-Professional Member (Non Insured): Christian clinicians from other professions such as Music or Art Therapists, Social Workers, Guidance Counsellors, Addictions Counsellors, Pastoral Care providers, etc. who are certified with their particular professional association, and who support PACCP’s mission and vision and agree to the Statement of Beliefs. An Allied-Professional member must prove that they carry adequate liability insurance and would not have voting privileges.
  2. Student Member (Insured and Non Insured):  A student enrolled in an accredited graduate degree in a mental health discipline. Both insured and non-insured categories are available within Student membership.