Networking through connection with Christian professionals practicing clinical counselling and psychotherapy across Canada within a variety of public and private settings.  Whether it’s through working together on a committee, chatting on forums, blog connections, in-person continuing education opportunities, peer consultation, prayer and support networks, and many other connectional opportunities that continue to develop as we grow, you can ensure that your networking opportunities are safe places to grow and learn both professionally and spiritually, and you can make many connections that can lead to increased knowledge and professional opportunities.


Promotion of your private practice, organization, association, counselling center, or public place of employment through our searchable, online database which details the types of services you offer, types of counselling you practice, areas of specialization and interest, therapy types and modalities, availability, blog/article/book promotion, and coming soon…article publication.


Growth opportunities as both a professional and a person on a journey of faith.  Through online, local and other promoted professional development opportunities, we seek to help each individual clinician make intentional steps of growth and development within themselves.  Through the development of a growth portfolio every two years, we seek to ensure that every clinician is actively working towards professional development and spiritual accountability.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage for both professional and commercial liability, we seek to continually improve our coverage while keeping the affordability that most are looking for within their liability insurance needs.

Resource Sharing

Resource sharing through online forum’s where members can share with one another books, dvd’s, and other resources in a resource lending type library.

Professional Recognition and Accountability

Professional Recognition and Accountability in terms of standards of practice and ethical conduct.  The continuing education of our clinicians through continuing education unit requirements surpasses the requirements set by many other associations.  As an association we seek to be an active presence; viable, and important to the counselling/psychotherapy profession within Canada and abroad.

Ethical Standards and Accountability

Ethical standards and accountability through our ethical complaints process which ensures protection to the public in so far as we are able by law. Our Code of Ethics serves as a guideline and accountability tool for professionals as they serve and minister.  We seek to provide education and resources about issues of professional ethics to members.  We provide membership with an annual summary report of ethical issues the the National Ethics Committee have been dealing with. We also provide help in answering questions from members regarding ethical situation.


Advocacy within the community of mental health workers, with 3rd party payers and with important individuals’ relevant to legislative initiatives. We seek to keep abreast of developments and provide oversight when needed for lobbying efforts for provincial regulatory legislation.

Not-for-profit Association

Not-for-profit association status in Canada ensures that PACCP is fiscally responsible and practices accountable management of funds. Our annual general budget reflects policies, goals, and supports the mission and values of PACCP and its members; regularly reviewing the association’s financial performance against its goals and programs. Keeping membership fees as low as possible is of high importance to the national leadership.