Membership and Professional Development Portfolio

Heather holds the Membership and Professional Development board Portfolio.

Heather Campbell resides and works in the City of Saskatoon where she has been working as a paramedic for more than 15 years. A graduate from the University of Saskatchewan with a BSPE and a BA in Psychology, she has worked and raised a family while continuing her education. Commencing private practice following an M.A. in Counselling from Providence University College and Theological Seminary,

Heather continues to serve the City of Saskatoon as a paramedic and recently accepted an on-demand position as a Critical Incident Trauma Counsellor. Heather is currently involved in practicum for EMDR basic training and looks forward to using EMDR in her practice.

Heather and her husband have three daughters and a son all of whom live in Saskatoon and are pursuing their educations at all levels of learning, from elementary school to university honors programs. Heather enjoys fostering this life-long love of learning in her children.

Heather set out a few years ago to live more authentically as a Christian in all areas of her life. Choosing a Seminary to further her education and joining PACCP has allowed her to merge her Christian life with her work life. Joining PACCP added a spiritual dimension to her work that was so meaningful for Heather that she now supports PACCP members by serving on the National Board administering the Membership and Professional Development portfolio.